About Us

Health & Health Reforms was established in 2000 in Dehradun.The main aim of the institute is to impart Yoga, Naturopathy and Ayurveda HealthCare Guidance to all irrespective of caste creed, sex, religion and nationality.The ancient system of Yoga is a time - tested method for physical, physiological andspiritual well being of a person. To- day's hectic and fast life style leads to immense stress and strain, which is the root cause many ailments. Here ,in health & health reforms one can relax giving his mind & body complete rejuvenation.

Health & Health Reforms understands health and disease in holistic terms taking in account the inherent relationship between the individual and cosmic spirit, the individual and the cosmic consciousness, energy and matter.We believe in the fundamentals of nature and maintain harmony with the fundamentals to ensure the fundamentals vitalization of the latent inner energy by harnessing them with therapies and treatments. We not only cure disease but also prevent them by ensuring healthy mind, body and soul.The revival of our ancient culture, both in terms of physical and mental health, will give boost to human well being.

Hence our interest towards ancient medical science like Ayurveda and Naturopathy as well as spiritual belief of human values is perpetual.

Our Vision

To promote health, wellness, beauty and cure through natural healing system to mankind at an affordable cost.

Our Mission

To bring Ayurveda "the art of living and science of life" into the hearts of people all over the world. To rediscover the healing power of Ayurveda and eradicate the maladies.

What we do?

We are dedicated to make the people more strong and healthy by providing the best guidance by our experinced trainers.